I just woke from a nap (my sleep schedule is all out of wack since quitting and often don’t go to sleep till 6am). It is currently 7:30pm and the site has already gotten 1,600 people so far today. Even with posting every other day I have only been averaging 600-800 visitors a day and so far I’ve already doubled the high end of average. Have no Idea what brought so many of you here today but thanks for coming. It always puts a smile on my face when the site does well.

I’m in a good mood and been hit with a bit of inspiration today so changing plans a lil’ bit. I will still post the first Reboot page next Thursday night but the preggo page will multiple pages. I have sketched up the first page of a mini comic about Zoe hooking up with a photographer while pregnant. Will be between 2-3 pages. I will post the first Saturday night, then mon night and if it goes on to 3 pages I will post that one Wednesday night (if that happens I will postpone the reboot 1 day to give this a day to breath before getting buried.

Also the sketching a bunch of stuff each day idea has been going well and I have something like 50-60 little scribbles so far.


Holy heck it is now at 2060people and it is just before 10pm. I am getting like 10 people ever minute or 2 coming over. Where are you guys all coming from? I know there is no way I have this many readers if every one of them came the same day I would be lucky to get 1500 people… If you just discovered this comic today please let me know how you found it. I’m guessing somewhere out there on the inter webs someone posted a link to my site and I am really curious where you all are coming from. To any new readers I hope you enjoy your time here and be sure to check back next week as I will be rebooting the comic in full color.