This is what I am shooting for with the comic. Been sketching for the past month or so and have gotten a bit more comfortable with the look to where I can get something that looks halfway decent.

Decided to see what it would look like with the internal monologue, which is how the story starts in my screenplay. Though I am not going to follow the Haiku format I did back in the day because that is just stupid. When I got the inspiration to finally write the story down I went through a short numerology rabbit hole with the number 17. All the dialogue in my first draft was 17 syllable Haikus and that is where the name VIXI came from as well. I wrote the first draft really quickly with that little spat of inspiration, so am thankful for it, but the story is better without it. Though I am keeping the first Haiku; I was once a man. I have lived, but no longer. Truly a monster. That was the first thing I wrote for the story and feel that it captures the struggle of the main character finding meaning in his new existence as a vampire.

Hoping I can get a few pages done each week at least for it now that I have reconciled some of the problems I had with the art in the last version.

Completely off topic but I just started watching Cobra Kai (the youtube series that delves into the modern day rivalry between the Karate Kid and the bully from the first movie). If you guys haven’t given it a watch I highly recommend it. The show has some great characters and I like the way they don’t simplify things as black and white and instead really develop the Johnny character and even show that from his perspective the Karate Kid was the villain who attacked him and stole his girlfriend and then got his teacher to beat him and his friends up. So if anyone out there is looking for a new show to binge give it a try.