I have found a voice actress. Due to the incest in this comic she wants to keep her name off it but she has a good voice and handles all her own recording so it will be crisp and professional sounding and not like a staticy mess. YAY.

Still need a guy to do the therapist.

It looks like the cost won’t be that much (was seriously afraid it would cost like 1000$ or something). So I don’t think I will need to rely on you guys with a Kickstarter or anything. Though if you want to help out you could always support me on patreon WINK WINK


Been working my butt off on this animation. Hoping to have the blowjob finished before the end of the month. When I finish that I was hoping to be able to do a little test animation to make sure everything is good before moving onto the sex.

I’d love to have it voiced, be a lot better than word bubbles popping up while it is silent… But I have no idea where to find voice actors/actresses. I don’t think people would appreciate me soliciting them on fiver or freelancer or some other site like that and not sure if there is any place specifically for porn related stuff. Worst case I could do the guy’s voice but would prefer someone with a better voice do it. Finding a Zoe though, that’s the real challenge. If anyone has any advice or knows anyone who wouldn’t mind doing it for a couple hundred (was hoping to find someone in the 200-400$ range as I’m poor). I’m hoping to find someone with a sweet girl next door, bit geeky voice. In my head I have always pictured that actress that did the sister in Gravity Falls and Louise in Bob’s Burgers (if you’ve seen Flight of the Conchords, she played the creepy stalker fangirl) but as long as it sounds like a weird cheerful teen and not like a Jessica rabbit I’d be ok.

If anyone knows somebody that may be interested, or maybe follows someone that’s done those porn flash games or if anyone here is interested in doing it you can email me at yellowgerbilcomics at gmail dot com