I need help. I have close to 1000 people that visit this site, some of you got to have experience with Video Editing Software. I’ve downloaded close to a dozen programs and either they didn’t work at all like Premiere Pro, Avid Media Center and one other I can’t remember by name. Or they don’t seem to do what I need them to do like light shark or whatever its called and movovi and a bunch of others I can’t even keep straight in my head.

I am getting so frustrated. I have the art about 50% drawn, the female audio is recorded and I want to get to editing. Had hoped to give you all a final edited scene with the page update tomorrow but that can’t happen if I can’t edit.

All I want is a simple timeline where I import a jpg and it counts as a single frame and I can put as many on the timeline as I want (you know, the thing that has been standard for animation since the beginning of the 20th century).

Video focused programs won’t let me put them on timelines as individual frames, instead turning them into stationary video clips that last between 4 and 30 seconds depending on what program. I’ve tried cutting them down to individual frames but most of them have terrible timelines that don’t really allow for intricate precise cutting. All the big name ones won’t work for me. I don’t know if its my computer or what.

  • Final Cut Pro. Won’t allow me to download because I use Mac OSx 10.16 and they don’t support anything under 17 or 18 because they are greedy assholes that want you to buy new computers every fucking year and will break their old stuff to force you to upgrade if you are content with what you have.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro. Won’t work at all. I downloaded the trail last night and it would freeze as soon as I tried importing files, I’m not sure why. I rebooted multiple times and reinstalled it once but still couldn’t do anything.
  • Avid Media Player. Just finished trying this one out and no luck. It wouldn’t let me do ANYTHING at all. It has an error where it says I can’t use my hard drive, meaning I can’t import, or save anything. I went online to find a fix and followed all the steps and still get the same error.

Animation focused editors are all built to be a drawing program like flash back in the day. I don’t draw in these programs and don’t do vector art anyways. I already have the finished drawings. These ones may have a way to import but I can’t even find the timeline on half of them because they all want to be shitty versions of photoshop first and an editor second.

There is a program called Animation Paper that based on the youtube teaser looks to be EXACTLY what I want, but the program isn’t available yet and they don’t seem to be giving progress reports on when it will be available.

SO IS ANYONE SEEING THIS THAT CAN HELP ME??? I really need some help. I’ve put a few hundred hours into drawing this animation so far and have already spent 270 to a voice actress for some amazing voice recordings… Furthermore this was supposed to be my way of building the site and earning an income (hopefully) from my art, seeing as I am without a job or income right now.

Here is a gif of the unfinished stuff that I intended to turn into a finished clip with audio tomorrow. If someone can offer to help me figure out this editing process I might actually be able to get it up soon for you guys.

Please contact me at yellowgerbilcomics (at) gmail (Dotcom) if you can give me any advice or help getting this done.