Been working nonstop all day on this little animation, hope you guys like it. The voting was a huge help, thank you all who voted.

The votes were

A cup 10, B cup 28, C cup 21, D cup 13. Because B and C both had a lot of fans I decided to try and half the difference. Hope you guys like her breasts (she got the best set in the whole morgue).

So I drew this and put about 8hrs into it, and I was really happy with the turnout… Then I went to start the bottom half. I assumed it would be easier to focus on the top then put a bottom in afterwards so that I could be sure all the animation matched up (trying to make it really fluid). Well a problem quickly arose. I didn’t really think things out very well and her belly is going all over the place, including too far down to leave room for a bottom…

I had been debating whether she could separate The cons were big, might turn some people off and it would be a pain in the ass to draw. The only pro I thought up was it would allow for more dynamic stuff in the anticipation/ follow through…

Well it turns out there was a pro that decided things. It allows me to fix the animation without pretty much completely redoing everything.

So here is a look at the in progress version. Will need to add a few extra frames for her to pull herself together (The point where she gets red faced her body remains high enough up for her to be attached so will add a few frames before that of her putting herself together).

When she is done I will go back and put him in, at the end I want her to repeatedly punch him in the dick till he collapses over.

Want to make this into something huge. Like a 30minute adult Saturday cartoon pilot. I want to have an animatic by the end of January and want to do a Kickstarter for it in Feb of next year. After I finish the Zoe animation this will be how I spend most of my time. Hoping to have a finished animation of it by April (when I think I will be completely broke).

If anyone has music skills and wants to try to make a creepy and fun piece of music for it like the Addams family or monstermash or some other piece (not really looking for singing, more just creepy organ music or something) be sure to let me know.