So as I mentioned when I posted the abandoned facial gif, it was going to be FULL of cum… So much so that it goes past any sort of realism, into almost parody. I’ve been debating since starting this animation whether it should end with her leaving, or her waking up after hypnosis (meaning it was all a dream). Canonically she wouldn’t be having sex with him yet, as this takes place before she’s even left Damien for Caleb… So making it her fantasy would explain away the shear magnitude of this bukkake scene (I mean there is a about 5 gallons so far lol).

So was just looking for input from the readers. Tone the cum down or open the floodgates?

Redid the poll to make it clearer. Waterfalls means you like the gif and the large amount of cum. Teaspoons means you’d prefer her to just get a little on her (basically I’d cut out the whole second half and it would end with what happens in the first half).

Cum Covered Zoe, yea or nay?
  • 45.5% - ( 86 votes )
  • 54.5% - ( 103 votes )