It is a few short days till Valentine’s. With the holidays comes family… And lot’s of questions about what I’ve been doing these past 5 months. Very few people in my family know anything about the porn art, and those that do know a little know very little just that I’ve drawn some naked pics in the past… So most currently think I am hard at work on the VIXI comic, those that are closer to me know I haven’t been productive on it and assume I just have been sitting on my ass not drawing at all since quitting at Walmart…

I started back up drawing sketches for VIXI so that I have something to show when I get pestered by family on Thursday. So haven’t been really working much on the animation these past 4 days (averaging a frame or 2 a day). During those days though I got about 30-40 sketches for VIXI done, most are just really rough drawings that are little more than character silhouettes. About 5 or 6 have been something I’m more proud of. Thought I’d share 2 of those today.

Feeling a lot more confident on the art style now. The sketchier I make it the better I feel it looks. Think whenever I get to making the graphic novel this is what I will shoot for art wise (a little cleaned up though).

Still trying to find the characters and narrowing down on the main guy, already had the detective trying to catch him pretty much set in stone before I gave up last time on the comic. Still trying to find a unique look for both the serial killer and the vampire that turns Douglas (the main character). Added a little more eccentricity to Jonas the serial killer by dressing him in glad bags so he doesn’t get evidence on his clothes. Whereas the vampire I am leaning towards a traditional devil face (sharp stretched chin) with hair that looks sort of like some new wave band member (originally thought of him more as a grunge looking guy but Douglas also sort of has that look and need to differentiate…).

Plan on continuing focusing on this till Thursday and taking a few printed pages to my grandma’s so if the conversation steers towards it I can just hand them a page and not get too roped into explaining what my plans are to make money. Should be starting work on Zoe measuring Tommy tonight too and will post it Thursday night so anyone standing in line for Black Friday can know how Tommy rates compared to Damien and Caleb.