I am very computer illiterate, is this computer what I should go with?

The main reward tier was going to be 10$ for a finished version of the Incest is Best one shot I have half finished from over a year ago.

Had lines and colors about halfway done with the rest sketched (total of 18pgs) I would go back and also add shadows to the colored pages, because that doubles the quality of the finished pages.

Also was thinking of having some commission tiers. Quick toss together thoughts are, 25$ for a speed drawing (something I spend an hour on of whatever you want to see whether it involves my characters or if you really just want to see Velma from Scooby Doo fucking Johnny Bravo or whatever other thing (though be aware that trying to emulate other styles is not something I have much skill in). 50$ for a 1 page on par with the Page shown above (plus shadows). 100$ for a 3 page mini story of whatever you want (Those that are sponsus supporters and have checked out the commissions I did for M of Jordan know what to expect there).

My computer is still allowing me to draw for the time being so my hopes is that it can last at least a month and hope to be able to raise about 750$ (or whatever it will cost plus about 10% for gofundme and wepay or whatever PayPal knockoff it is’s fees). I will be transferring all my art to a USB tonight just to be safe (though need to run to the store and get 1 more because it is only 32gb and have about 50gb of art files to transfer).

Today I will start posting daily Zoe gifs on Twitter until I have posted all the gifs I had done for the animation, so be sure to check that out.