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WATCH DARK (Netflix show)

Just finished the show and it was amazing. 3 perfect seasons with no missteps in my book. I am a big softy so it isn’t saying much, but I teared up so many times watching this final season (did a few times through the first 2 seasons too).

I am just coming out the other end so am full of emotions so maybe with time my opinion will change, but at this moment I would say the show is perfect except if I made it I would of cut to a bridge many times throughout the show to properly set it up (though also like that throughout the journey you are “IN THE DARK” as to what the actual STORY even is, can’t decide for sure if it would be better or if perfect the way it is).

I can’t praise this show enough (but watch it in German, million times better than dubbed). If you liked the first Matrix for it’s out there science concept (not for  the slow motion kung fu and leather trenchcoats) you’ll love this show. Much better thought out than Matrix. I am not comparing it to Matrix to say it shares ANY premise (beyond a character referring to it as a “glitch in the Matrix”).

Minor story spoilers ahead

It is about time travel, and paradoxes. It is really heaving on the science, but does a good job of putting it enough into layman’s terms that the only head scratching is done by the story and not the logic. And there is a lot of HEAD SCRATCHING. The whole last season I was in a stupor trying to make heads or tails of what was going on, but I can say that it pulled through and made sense in the end instead of falling apart like so many sci-fi shows have in the past.

The show has an amazing cast, and that is no small feat. The show, dealing with time travel, has characters at many different points in their lives. A few were so well cast that I didn’t need to be told who they were (Some I swear must be real father son’s because the resemblance is uncanny). They also help differentiate with visual scars, which can feel a bit cheap but was definitely appreciated). Watch in German so you don’t get taken out of their acting with the mediocre dub, their faces are so emotive.

The story is great. Because of time travel you will find yourself both loving and hating the same people, and there are a few that are so tragic I challenge anyone to watch their stories come to an end without tearing up. The journey of these characters is one that is worth watching and the show really comes off as something actually planned, unlike say Lost which floundered till it sputtered to its conclusion. Dark knew from the first step what the last step was going to be, and that is rare in television sadly, most shows are made to continue on till no longer profitable so the ending feels cobbled together (Breaking bad is an exception). Dark set out to tell a story, and it did it spectacularly.

Watch Dark. You won’t regret it.