It’s a bit hard to show in the picture, but half of my face is swollen like crazy, and I can barely see out of my right eye. I had a toothache this weekend and it just kept getting worse and worse, last night my face started swelling around 2am, at 4 it was bad (reaching my eye). So I went in to a 24hr urgent care and they gave me antibiotics, but the swelling is still increasing (the toothache isn’t bothering me anymore at least). I am currently at the point where I can’t really see out of one eye and that makes drawing pretty much impossible till the swelling stops. I am freezing up something to put on my face to see if that helps until I can take another antibiotic pill in a few hours (4 a day, taken 2 so far).

I’m trying to set up an appointment to get the tooth pulled next week once the infection subsides and have 2 others that need pulled as well (should of been pulled long ago but fear the dentist…)

I have a Zoe for tonight but depending on how long this takes to get under control there may be some missed pages this week.

If you want to help out please consider donating on Kofi, it was 120$ at Urgent care and have no idea how much the dentist is going to charge me. So if you’ve been on the fence about commissioning me, maybe now’s the time 😀