First the good news, on my homepage is the Batty and Aluc oneshot, check it out.

Bad news. Kofi is kicking me off, it is currently being reviewed, which they didn’t even contact me about and only learned when i went there to copy the link to put in the oneshot for interested people to commission me. It says pending review, but when I look at their terms they don’t allow porn, like at all, even nonnude stuff. I swear that wasn’t the case back when I created my kofi account a few years ago. So it is doomed, even though there is NOTHING posted there. Like Tumblr they seem to be giving into Paypal’s censorship of anything involving nudity. What is worse still is only about a month ago I paid them 50$ to join their paypal premium version, money I am sure I will never get back now.

I am looking into other places to set up. You can still support me through Sponsus (which is basically like Patreon, but far more accepting of porn, most of their users I think are porn creators that got kicked off Patreon like myself). I looked into Onlyfans, but they wanted a bunch of stuff I wasn’t comfortable with giving them (a photoID as well as a tax form that probably includes my SS#) I hate giving personal info to strange websites but no way I am giving out my SS# online. So decided to use Subscribestar, they claim to be completely okay with anything that is legal including porn but they seem to have a slow approval process. So not sure how long till I can get it finalized, not sure if slow means a day or a month…

Gunna see if I can set up higher tiers on Sponsus for the time being if anyone wants to support me, please consider supporting me there and seeing my other comic I Love My Bully.