Artists young and old good and bad are invited to take part in an end of the year contest of Might, and you might just win a commission.

You have till January 1st to draw something up, you don’t need to be the best artist out there, put a funny caption on a stick figure Zoe if you’d like. The winner will be picked from a mix of both a user poll and my own vote. The winner will get a 2 page commission of whatever they’d like to see me draw (as well as a month access to the VIP sections), A 75$ value!

You can do a drawing of any of my characters you like Whether they be from Zoe, Ugh, Shippon, or even just from a oneshot.

I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.

you can send them to me at yellowgerbilcomics (at) gmail (dotcom)


I want to do even more seeing as it is the holidays. Comment anytime this month for a chance to win a free 1pg commission plus a month of VIP access. I’m going to put every name in a jar and pick one at the end of the month so comment regularly for better odds 😀