Okay, 3 more pages I think of this arc, then will do the reboot/refresh. Possibly may up it to 2 pages a week then, got to see how things go. Currently working on this weeks Zoe as well as 2/3rds done with the 3rd page in the reboot. Hope to have both done later this week as well as some commissions and some of the Niche Encyclopedia…

So a few comic ideas have came and gone over the past year. and want to update everyone on the state of things.

Knight Lights is STILL happening, but is sort of on the back burner getting a page/2 a month for Sponsus supporters as sort of the replacement for ILMB which is done for now. SamSon is still happening but Koikatsu isn’t able to do what I need so it is now a pulp comic/novel that I am cowriting with a friend. That is still very early as we got to get everything worked out (2 writers with 2 head canons…) Hoping to have something in a few months to really show there.

So Zoe will refresh in a few weeks after this current arc. The story will still line up but about 2 months will have passed and during that time she has grown a full bush and is a full blown pornstar. Got lots of stories and fun stuff planned including bringing back fan favorite character Kali to be a school rival to Zoe.

I am going to try to give the site a bit of a facelift over the next month including adding a new area where I will post 3 or so times a week with my Niche Encyclopedia I’ve started on Twitter (want it here for those of you that don’t want to deal with twitter). It will be drawings showing each and every niche/kink/fetish in porn. So far have done about 6 or so and they are doing pretty well on twitter.

I also want to make some changes to Sponsus including adding a new VIP area where I post pretty much whatever I sketched that day. When I do a page I often toss out a few sketches that never make the cut, sometimes its because they aren’t that good, but often it is because of space issues or doesn’t fit the tone and story of a page. So thought might as well make a place where I can share those with people that may want it just for the extra content as well as the ability to see a bit of my process. Always forget HOW to make new areas, but will fiddle with it later to try to remember how to make subdomains through my hosting and hopefully can start posting there for my Sponsors later this week