So this was a weak year as far as E3 goes. As it all settles and I’ve rewatched the conferences I am a little less bitter towards Sony. The sound issues seemed to be an issue with IGN or youtube as there are many that saw it without any of the problems I encountered, so me and the 90k people watching it on IGN drew the short straw I guess. Without the sound issues it was an acceptable show, but nothing to get excited about. I would grade them like this

Devolver: A

a near masterpiece and clocking in less than 15 minutes is well worth a watch.

Ubisoft: B+

Many were excited for Beyond Good and Evil 2, It looked cool but have never played the first one so that didn’t do a lot for me. What got it this score was that it sold me on the Nintendo Switch. Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battles or whatever it is called is easily the most exciting game shown this E3.

Sony: B-

The games shown are really solid and except for the VR stuff I would like to play all of them, Single Player story driven games are my favorite and so both God of War and Spiderman are on the top of my want to play list.

Nintendo: B-

They got points docked for really just saying yeah we are making a pokemon and a metroid, literally showing nothing. Mario Odyssey isn’t my cup of tea but still looks like exactly what Mario fans were asking for. Again, The Mario+Rabbids game won E3 for me, so they got a pass just by Ubisofts win.

Microsoft: C+

Looking back at it, there wasn’t much there to be excited for and the meme inducing EXCLUSIVE . When you look at it the only exclusives they had were a few indy games (most of which are already on steam) and the same 4 first party games they’ve been showing year after year. The only game that has really stuck with me is the Indy game The Last Night which had a really cool pixel art look.

EA: C-

They always suck and this year was no exception.

Bethesda: D+

In a true upset Bethesda completely wasted everyones time resold people Skyrim for the 100th time and reintroduced paid mods. A failure almost as bad as the time someone really thought Jamie Kennedy was a good idea for an E3 host.