So for this week I thought I’d show the finished gif of Calie in celebration of Halloween. Once I finish the Zoe animation Calie will star in my next animation. I should have the Zoe one done sometime this month. Currently working on her getting pounded doggystyle. Still need to go and clean the site up so haven’t gotten rid of the old pages yet, realized the VIP section was missing a bunch of stuff so want to make sure that is complete before I start cleaning house here.

I don’t have as much time these next few weeks to draw and am only 2 pages ahead now (with a 3rd sketched and half way lined). So I think I will do a short hiatus before starting the next Zoe arc. To pass the time I thought I could do quick little 1page stories of suggestions. So if you want to see something leave a comment and I’ll pick one to do a rough 1pg comic for next weeks update.