Happy New Year everybody. Thank you all so much for visiting my site throughout 2017.

I have really high hopes for 2018. I’ve been in a limbo sort of state for years since finishing college and being buried in the debt that came with that. My reason for starting Zoe was to build an audience that I could then pitch a Kickstarter to for my film Where The Shadows Lie. Sadly I’ve not been able to garner the attention I thought I could with the comic, maxing out at about 700-1000ish readers when I’d need like 100,000 readers to conceivably succeed at raising the type of money I need. I keep doing Zoe because I enjoy it and you all enjoy it but it has been clear for the past 3 or so years to me that it would never take off in the way I need it to. Now on to ¬†why I think 2018 will be my year.

There is a game I have been waiting for for over 4 years now, it is called Dreams. The name is very fitting because my hopes and dreams are attached to it. It is a game by the guys who made Little Big Planet, and like that game it is all about creativity. Where it differs though is in the freedom it gives. Dreams is more a intuitive art program than a game and that is how I want to use it.

With Dreams I hope to make some short animated films and post them to youtube. I have a number of ideas for short films, some going back more than a decade. These would be sort of Tim Burton like and not be fanservicey but hope you’d all find them entertaining anyways. If it turns out that Dreams isn’t capable of making a good animation, or that if I struggle too much with it I also have backup plans.

If animation is out there is still comics. With building characters and worlds in the game and posing and screenshoting them I compile them into panels and pages and make a comic that way. Or I could use them as references and trace backgrounds to get a much more professional look with proper perspective and lighting techniques.

This was the 3rd page of a comic called VIXI that I started (It is also one of my finished screenplays and hope to make it into a movie series someday). I gave up on drawing it because it is beyond my drawing ability. With dreams I could make gritty cityscapes and use those in the background to “cheat” my way through it.

This was the first page of my comic This Place Called Nowhere. Most of what was done with it was drawn by my friend Laura (who is an amazing artist and better than I could ever hope to be). After she dropped out of the project I tried in vain to find a new artist as well as tried to do it myself. Just like with VIXI, using Dreams I could cheat my way through it and do it myself.

I bring both of these projects up because, while I love drawing Zoe for you all, drawing porn isn’t really what I set out to do. I want to tell more engaging stories, I have a lot of ideas but my artistic ability hasn’t gotten to the point where I feel I could do them justice. With Dreams I feel it could give me the edge artistically to create the stories I feel really strongly about. It may also greatly speed up the whole process and allow me to map out entire arcs in a few hours of posing and allow the freedom to go back and change things fluidly.

Now you may all be thinking to yourselves, what is this wonderful game that you think will be your savior.

Happy New Years everybody, thank you all so much for being readers of my comic and I hope you all have a wonderful 2018.