Voting is all tallied and Incest won by a landslide. 127 votes for 27 against. So next Thursday I will be posting the start of them having sex. It is going to be a number of pages probably 5 as I have already 3 of them sketched. For the Patreon supporters I should have the page done either tonight or tomorrow and will post it in the VIP section as soon as it is finished. Only have 2 panels left to draw on it.

So as an additional placeholder I will now share some old comics with you all. I did these something like 2 years ago when my Mac broke down and I needed to raise money to get a new computer. Neither are in canon with the story so don’t get confused. One is Zoe getting Dp’d by Caleb and Damien and the other is her and Abi getting closer than a mother and daughter aught to be.

dp-pg1-1 dp-pg2 new-incest1 incest2

These were the first drawings I did with Manga Studio instead of Photoshop and was still figuring the program out. The biggest difference Manga studio has made is it is great for making panels and text bubbles.

mazer-commission-setup mazer-commission


These were Kickstarter reward commissions that I did for it. This first was a drawing of Abi sucking Damien that I went a little overboard and made a page setting up the situation for context.






darin commission-Audrey1

This was a commission for one of my earliest readers and is of a photoshoot of Audrey. My memory is fuzzy, but this commission convinced me to bring Ugh back and do it as Audrey Adventures if I am not misremembering.

So thanks to everyone who voted and to all of you that come back here week after week and especially to all of you that comment (a comment is the reason you’re getting all of this stuff now so it pays to comment 🙂