Malo offered up a suggestion for the next placeholder and as I started sketching it I got a bit inspired. So for the remainder of the year or so (Zoe’s fucked a fair amount of guys) I will be doing a page devoted to first her measuring, then fucking each guy. They will be rough sketches, but I will color them. Then next year the comic will return with arc 2 and that way I can devote the majority of my time to finishing the animation as that is a growing mountain of work and want to make it as good as it can possibly be.


So as suggested I did a drawing of Kali and Caleb together.

Thought I’d also toss on a gif. This one I’ve chosen to not use and finished up a better version of it yesterday that has about 10x the cum and shows more of her face (plus she shouldn’t be topless… just noticed that continuity error right now lol).

The animation is coming along nicely but still not sure when exactly it will be done. Every time I think I am getting close to done either I decide I ain’t happy with a shot (like this one), I realize I’ve forgotten something entirely (like her taking her shirt off which I will start after the facial shot I am working on), or I just feel there isn’t enough there and want to add more sex positions or shots.

I want this to be really good, and am putting all my eggs in this basket so I don’t want to rush it. I still think it may be done this month but it MAY be next month… Takes 2 to 3 days per gif and I have at least 6 more gifs to do.

If you can’t wait for the Zoe animation the Patreon may be right for you. I post updates almost every day and have about 20 or so shots done so far on there for the animation including a few different positions of sex and a bunch of angles of blowjobs.

Next week I will do another placeholder so if you guys have anything you’d like to see be sure to suggest it. I only had 2 suggestions last week to choose from.