This page isn’t canon but thought you’d all enjoy a little 3some action for the holidays. As said I am currently working on a flashback arc with Abi and Tommy and it will be in color and look sort of like this, I am using it as a test to see if you guys will rather me go back to coloring the comic or have it be black and white. When the flashback arc is coming to an end I will do a poll to see where the majority stands (though got to find a way to keep cheating out, Santa doesn’t like cheating :P)

I should have the first page of the flashback arc ready for the Patreon section sometime tonight. I only have a couple panels work left. I’ll keep working on it and wait till it is finished before posting the first page here, hoping to get more than 1 page a week done but there may be a few more weeks of things like this as placeholders till the arc is finished. The first page won’t necessarily need censoring (it, in its current form, shows; camel toe, but crack, and in the final panel shows bottomless with Abi’s vagina slit and tommy’s penis, I may crop the last panel up a bit to only show her forming bush and no slit and no penis but still on the fence there. The second page has a rough sketch and that will likely require complete censoring as it is oral and masturbation and doubt I will be comfortable with that on the site.

Once the flashback arc is completed I will also have a significant buffer which means I should be able to post on Thursdays again without any issue

Lastly, have a Merry Christmas everybody. I really appreciate you all frequenting my site and giving my life a bit of purpose while it is stuck in this limbo state, hoping next year will start the path towards something much greater once the game Dreams comes out. I will explain my hopes with that game next week with the New Years page but Dreams, by media molecule may finally help me attain MY Dreams.