A quick scribble of an idea. I have made some headway with what the next arc will be about, but only the second half. I think people will like it as it will give Zoe an outlet for her sexual desires that doesn’t involve fucking strangers. I still am not sure how to start the arc possibly have Zoe and Damien looking for halloween costumes as time wise this is all taking place shortly before what would be halloween… Probably won’t be ready to start it till the week after next. So be sure to give some suggestions for placeholders, no one commented with the last one so didn’t really draw anything specific. This idea popped in my head earlier and tossed it down so there was SOMETHING to post.

Not been super productive this past week but have finished sketching the one shot and have the first 4 pages lined. The comic will be 18 pages long. I also have started writing a new screenplay idea and have 5 pages typed up for that so far. Lastly I was happy to discover a bunch of my art that I thought was lost has been found on an old flash drive. I found a lost comic series I did back when starting Zoe 6 years ago called Randomness as well as rediscovered a short series I completely forgot I ever did. I called it Metal Gear Solid: The double mint twin snakes.

I forgot I ever did this, and think it could be an idea I revisit once I have the game Dreams (which current rumor is will get announced at the Game Awards in 2 weeks). I want to try to make little 30sec-5min short animations and these could be something I could remake, I think dreams could emulate the blocky low-res look of a ps1 game pretty well.

So feel free to comment on what you’d like to see on next weeks placeholder Zoe page and have a happy thanksgiving.