I am going to take a little time to figure out where I want to go with the story. Above is what was going to be the first page of the next arc but I am not very happy with it and haven’t been able to come up with a clear idea for this next arc and don’t want to screw it up by just going completely off script. Originally I was envisioning it being the day after and Zoe would introduce Mr Ruthers to her mom and uncle. In the arc he would learn of Zoe’s incest with both of them and was going to caution that route, but I am at a loss for how to best broach that subject at the moment and don’t want to mess up the whole comic beyond repair. I will take a week or 2 to better get my head wrapped around the story and figure out what is the most natural way to move the story forward.

While I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock with Zoe, the one shots have been going really well. I currently am in the middle of sketching page 12 of my second one shot which I am calling Dad, Daughter, Deflower.

This is the sketch for page 11. Autumn was just in the middle of getting her dad’s dick in her virgin pussy when Mom came home. Now she and her dad are freaking out afraid the mom will realize what they’ve been up to.

I am thinking that this one shot will be around 15-17pgs long and the first is 11pgs so just between these 2 it will be nearly 30pgs long. I am going to try to finish 2 never finished one shots to add to it too. There was one that was mostly done and was a part of my Patreon about twins, I had only colored the first page and the rest was just lines, so want to go back and color the rest. That comic was 7 pages I think and then there was another that I finished 1 page and never got the rest drawn about a guy who takes a job as a school janitor and is spying on the girls locker room and is shocked to find out the girl who’s pussy he has been drooling over is his little sister’s.

This is turning into a pretty ambitious project and will likely be about 50pgs total. I will also probably include the one shot Allie and Abe because that is in my opinion the best one shot I’ve finished and it happens to be about incest too…

So until I have the next arc worked out in my head I will be posting placeholders so that you all have something to enjoy each week. So be sure to comment with things you’d like to see, which being placeholders, doesn’t have to be canon. Also feel free to give your thoughts on what the next arc should be about.