vdsd 17-2


Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. This is a fun little NON-CANON comic, though the character bradley might be showing up at some point 😉 There probably won’t be a regular Zoe page on Thursday as I am pretty drawn out from trying to get this done but be sure to check out the daily (when I remember to) posting of old Zoe pages on the Classic Zoe section.

Also if you are new to the comic please give it a look it is a mixture of a lot of genres but I would say it is a dramatic slice of life/gag comic that heavily relies on corny puns and vampire references. The story follows Zoe a girl who likes to wear plastic fangs and pretend that she is a vampire and is about her journey of sexual exploration and how her going all in conflicts with those around her and her ultimate happiness. It updates every Thursday (except this one).

Also everyone be sure to check out the others that are participating in this years VDSD