Posting this a day early as I will be posting 2 this week.

You may notice some changes to the character as well as the style. I constantly try to improve things, and improve as an artist. Webcomics are great for that. Being basically just a blog to express myself I am not constrained by trying to make it all look exactly alike, in the way a commercial product is. With that said I am sorry for the lowering quality of the past few pages. Honestly I just haven’t really been that motivated and interested in drawing these comics lately. The pages take me many hours and sometimes setting that time aside can become a burden. I have spent the day messing around and trying to find a look that motivates me to continue and think this sketchy look is doing the trick. So far I’ve done 2 pages today, and the pages only take between 2 and 3 hours each so it isn’t eating up into my time as much. So might be able to increase the amount of pages I do, which will start moving things along as trying to put a gag in each page really slows things down. Based on the Poll I have decided to introduce Caleb, a rival love interest, he will be in it just for a few pages right away. but in a few months will get a lot of time devoted to him.

The Con didn’t go particularly well. Sold 14 comics. Not one to give up I have took a hard look at all my endeavors and will be doing some things different going forward.


After the first failed night at the con I decided I wanted to really push my abilities. I know I still have years of work until I could be anywhere near professional in ability but I think I am finally to a point where I can take my SERIOUS vampire story and make it happen. So far I have 2.5 pages done and am going to try to get at least a page a week. I am thinking that I will make this a patreon incentive for Zoe, I know I haven’t been doing the greatest on posting things for you guys! So hopefully this will help make up for it. Once I get enough pages I want to try to do a very small printing and sell it as a comic here on the site.

This Place Called Nowhere will continue but it will takeĀ  a back seat to everything else. I have been in talks with Laura and she too wants to continue the comic, so we are thinking that she’ll come back as the line artist and I will retake over as the colorist and we’ll release a page about every other month.

Ugh will probably become b/w also. By doing this I can continue to make pages for you guys while also moving forward on projects I care more about. Honestly I don’t really care TOO much about the Zoe or Ugh comics, Porn comics isn’t really my thing and was really done more as a way to bring in more readers (which it did). But at the end of the day it isn’t anything that I am particularly fond of and want to make time for projects that I am really into. Vixi was a screenplay I wrote shortly before finishing college and is my long term goal in life. Someday I want to make it into a film series. Till then I can make it into a comic series.

Thank you all for the patience this past month, and I will be getting to the Kickstarter commissions tonight. I have already finished the wallpaper. So all of you that donated and have commissions coming be sure to contact me with what you want done.