So have made some changes to Patreon. There is now a 1$ tier. If you want to support the site but 5$ is too much please consider this new tier. It is basically the old 5$ tier with access to both VIP sections on the site. The new 5$ tier has those as well as my posts on Patreon where I put all the in progress gifs. I have been posting there every day (except for the 6 days that I didn’t have a working tablet to draw on, but now I have a much nicer Wacom tablet).

I have been putting 5-10 hours every day into drawing the animation and am really putting a lot of faith in it to grow this site into something I can support myself off of. By my estimation my 401k will last me till about April, so I am hoping to get to at least 700$ a month on Patreon by then (not enough to live off of but enough that I can spread the 401k money out a bit longer…). I hope to have the animation done by the end of October and then will make it freely available here on the site and I will post it to every porn tube I can find to drum up new readers. I am really hoping the “If you build it, they will come” saying rings true. Once it is done I am going to start right up on the next ones as well as do some small loops of famous characters to further get my name out there.

So any of you who have the money and want to show your support I will strive to make the content worth every penny. I know many are in the same boat as I am financially so no pressure to support. Its just I am a month from 34 and really want to find a way to make my dream of making a living off my art a reality. We all have dreams, I have ambitious ones of making movies and games, but if I can at least make it so I never have to go back to Walmart to deal with the terrible customers again (not all were bad, some were some of the nicest people I ever met, but there was at least 1 a day that was horrible)…

Well thanks to everyone that has supported me on Patreon and to all of you who visit the site regularly, and especially to all of you who have commented so I don’t feel like I am just tossing messages in bottles and sending them out to float off into the horizon.