Been drawing for the animation like crazy. It’s been getting a bit pricey though… 200$ for 2 drawing tablets (the first was a broken piece of shit). 170$ for the voice actress. I just paid her an additional 100$ to do some more recording and am looking to make a much longer animation with it. Next I need to buy a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro which is like 200-300 a year… Haven’t really gained much in Patrons (a few, and thank you to those that are supporting it) Without any income the 700$+ that this is coming out to (haven’t even found an actor yet and that is going to be another chunk of money) a big risk. I don’t want to go to like Kickstarter or Gofundme or anything but it might come to that over the next month depending on how much more this ends up costing.

Be sure to check the most recent post. I have a simple loop with some of the audio put over it. Really happy with the Voice actress, the quality of the audio has pushed me to step up the animation and I’ve been churning out tons of drawings a day.

Worrying about money aside, this has been a lot of fun to draw. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.