I”m planning on using this little Triangle of Zoe love to flesh out a lot of exposition over the next few months without boring people. The decision to add this character in, particularly at this moment, will allow me to really clearly link a lot of planned arcs, including the much delayed introduction of Tommy, and focusing on Abigail. Probably once the next arc is done (maybe 2 arcs) I will remove all the old (color) Zoe’s and add them to the OldZoe section and will try to focus on a more focused Zoe the Vampire. Less focused on Gag strips and more on the overall progression of the story. I know I’ve promised to get to certain events LONG ago. There are 2 more pages in this arc (both are already available to VIP members) The next arc will be Zoe and Damien going home to continue their celebration… but will Caleb’s return throw a monkey wrench into Zoe’s plans for experiencing some Anal sex with Damien?