I assure you the second to last panel is her hymen being broken by Damien’s dick and not a giant vagina ufo trying to blow up the White House like in Independence Day.

So To those that haven’t heard yet I am working on a short Zoe animation (gunna be like 5-6minutes) of her having sex with her therapist. Been making a lot of progress the past 5-6 days since starting it and think you’ll all really like it when it is done.

I don’t want to keep posting all the stuff here, as its not fair to my patrons, so instead of a gif I am going to post a single frame of what I am currently working on for you all to see.

I’ve been focusing on the loops that are most important. then I will go back and do some closeups and cutaway shots so it all edits smoothly. Last I will make backgrounds/forgrounds.

Currently the animation is focused on Zoe being Zoe and trying to fit way too much dick in her mouth. I plan to have him cum in her mouth and have a full sex scene with a cream pie as well.

I will be posting the finished animation in a few months (shooting for 2 months but might take longer) in as many places as I can online for free, but if you’d like to both support my hard work and see gifs of the in progress loops please consider supporting the comic on patreonĀ