zoe reborn 12-4

E3 was a bit of a disappointment this year, there was some good games shown but overall it was just very bare bones. This page is referencing the MS conference where the Xbox guys kept interrupting their show to advertise new controllers. They have a redesigned controller with the Xbox one S and a gears of war controller… Then showed off a 3rd commercial where they showed personalized colored controllers. I wasn’t a fan. I was there to see what cool games they had to show, not see 2 pointless systems, and tons of controllers. The only thing that got me excited at the MS conference was We Happy Few, I really hope that game eventually comes to PS4 as that looked awesome.

Overall the best show was by far Sony, but even that was a bit lackluster. It had a couple games that they showed but overall not much was there. God of War looks amazing, love the genre change. Days Gone looks like something to hold our Last of Us cravings at bay. Spiderman was the highlight for me of their show, it looked great.

The best game at the entire event though came from Ubisoft. SOUTH PARK. That is looking even better than the first one.