So that ends this arc. Next up Zoe will meet up with the old guy who she was sending nudes to.

SO, I watched 2 movies this week. I greatly disagree with the overall concensus on both so thought I’d give a little mini review for each. The movies are Netflix’s A FUTILE AND STUPID GESTURE and Marvel’s Black Panther. Up first is A Futile And Stupid Gesture.

This was a movie about the creation of the National Lampoon magazine as well as the movies Animal House and Caddyshack. It was a biopic of one of the creators and honestly this movie is far better if you know nothing about the formation. There is a narrative device that was better implemented than any other movie ever, but ONLY if you don’t know the behind the scenes of these movies. I can’t really go into it without spoiling it but basically this is a movie that works the best the less you know. Watch it

9/10 great humor and writing, hindered slightly by some poor acting, it is really obvious these people aren’t really chevy chase and John bilushi.

Black Panther is not a BAD movie, but it is nowhere near a great movie. People are hyping this movie up to be the best movie of the year, if it is then this is a sad year for movies. I’d rank it low on the list of best Marvel movies only beating out the first Captain America, Iron Man 2, and Hulk. I’d still place Winter Soldier as the best marvel movie with Iron Man 1 and Civil War bringing in the Silver and Bronze.

Black Panther is a well acted and occasionally well written movie that is poorly paced and hindered by some of the worst special effects I’ve seen in a decade. There is a scene where an armless man is being interrogated that I literally couldn’t pull my eyes away from the hanging sleeve swaying constantly. It was only like 2 inches of CGI, but it stood out like a sore thumb. CGI is one of my most disliked things about big budget movies, I’m a practical effects guy (the thing and Pan’s labyrinth are both in my top 10 movies of all time). So the bad CGI was something that constantly interfered with my immersion in the movie. Some may not call it a deal breaker and I can understand that, I don’t care about accents the way many complain about foreigners trying to sound American, my ears don’t pick it up, and I know many are the same way with spotting CGI.

Besides the cgi and pacing it was a decent movie. The acting was really where the movie shined. 3 characters in particular stand out, The villain WarMonger is one of the best in any Marvel movie and really they should of focused far more on him. The little sister had some decent comedic timing that made her far more endearing than I think she was written and the rival tribal leader was also really well done. I like the actress who played Michonne from Walking Dead but I couldn’t stop thinking of her as Michonne, it was basically Michonne with a spear instead of a sword.

Overall a decent movie hurt by some CGI that almost reaches Mummy 2 levels at times. I’d give it a 6.5/10