I’m really happy how the art came out on this page. I think my style works better the more of it is in shadow and the darker those shadows are. Last arc was mostly artificial indoor light so everything had a more faded look. I like this better.

So onto the new arc. This will probably be a fairly long arc, I have a few ideas with what is going to happen and it is going to get kinky (schoolgirl roleplaying, bondage, light bdsm, etc).

I watched the Blair Witch remake last night, god that movie was terrible. It was so far removed from the original while almost following it scene for scene. Instead of the slow build and realism of the original, this one was full of annoying jump scares and loud as fuck noises, noise that would be impossible to be recorded diegetically. Not only that they really reached on the whole FOOTAGE FOUND IN THE WOODS, when there is like a dozen different cameras used to edit it all together. You’re telling me they never found the bodies but 4 earpiece cameras (left on their dead bodies), 2 separate camcorders, a trail cam, and a drone cam were all found in the woods and pieced together to show what happened to these hikers. That leads me into the biggest issue I had with this movie, NO RULES. Every movie needs rules, even if those rules are space wizards exist who swing laser swords and can move objects with their minds. There needs to be set parameters and this movie had none. The filmmakers just did whatever popped into their head, break a stickfigurine and your buddy snaps in half. Was each figurine a voodoo representation of one of the campers? then why were there more figurines than campers? Were every one of the figurines a voodoo of that one particular camper? Why her? There are no rules and therefor there is no hope. That is already a problem with these found footage movies, the no survivor angle, but is compounded when you see the game is rigged against them and there was never a chance for any of them to make it out alive.

I hated that movie so much I felt compelled to rewrite it a bit on Skype while chatting with a friend. It is rough, written entirely in 15 minutes without any preplanning, just using the elements of the movie and lore. Even in it’s rushed out ramble, that doesn’t really properly follow screenwriting format (little more than a wall of text on Skype) I think it is better than what the actual movie did. I couldn’t be bothered to look up the “characters” names so went with generic ones, but give it a read if like me you hated this movie.


EXT. Night
Joe and Jane walk through the woods, the light of their handheld camcorder supplying the only light.
They walk, seemingly lost amongst the underbrush. Above them hangs STICKMEN talismen from the branches.
Their camera sways back and forth while they try to find footing in the darkness. Off to their left a pale skeletal figure is keeping pace with them visible only on their viewfinder.
The two hikers continue unaware.
Jane stumbles and falls. Joe sets the camera down beside them while he tries to help Jane up.
The Skeletal figure moves in. The camera swings off as it is picked up by the hikers.
They continue still unaware of the figure stalking them.
Off in the distance they see a light.
It is coming from a old abandoned house, little more than a pile of rubble.
I’m not going in there
Hell no, let’s get out of here
The two head off to the right at a brisk pace.Their feet cracking branches as the hurry away.
Where are we
They stop. The cracking of branches continues.
The two start running. Joe turns the camera to get a look at what’s behind them. Nothing. The camera turns back to the trail ahead.
The house is right in front of them.
CRACK of branches
THEY run to the right again.
Over their heads is a line of STICKMEN talisman. The STICKMAN create a path continuing right.
Let’s go this way
Joe leads Jane away from the path. He turns the camera to look at the path leading away in the distance.
The camera turns back ahead of them. The house stands before them.
NO NO NO NO NO. This isn’t happening!
Let’s go!
Jane sobs as she tugs on Joe’s arm trying to lead him away from the house.
It’s no good. We went west. HOUSE. We went North. HOUSE. South. East.
Jane pleads and tugs. Joe starts slowly for the house.
They enter the house. Inside is a room full of children’s handprints in mud. They cover all the walls, even the ceiling.
Let’s go. Let’s go.
Joe turns to leave. There is no door behind them, only more handprint covered wall.
This isn’t happening. This isn’t-
A loud BOOM can be heard from the second floor. Like a door slamming shut. Dust trickles from the rotten wooden boards of the ceiling as FOOTSTEPS can be heard above.
Jane grabs Joe her pleas now nothing more than incoherent sobs and shrill screams as each footstep lands.
The camera pans the room looking for a door. Only a stairway leading up, and a stairway leading down.
Joe pulls Jane along to the basement stairway. They rush down.
The cellar is small with a low ceiling and no doors. They are trapped.
The corner! We got to stand facing the corner. DON’T LOOK AT IT
Joe leads Jane to a corner and props her against it. He then rushes to the other corner and does the same. The camera turns as Joe puts it over his shoulder to see through the viewfinder.
At the top of the steps stands the skeletal figure. CREAK it takes a step down. JANE can be heard screaming from the other corner. CREAK. Her Screams continue. CREAK CREAK CREAK.
Abruptly Janes screams cut out. Joe turns the camera to see her corner.
Where Jane had been a young girl stands. She is sobbing. Towering over her the figure slowly turns her facing him. Her head is downcast. The figure gently nudges her face upwards with its finger. She opens her eyes.
Joe is knocked to the side by Jane’s body Torn down the middle. Joe rushes back to the corner muttering and sobbing. The camera is out of reach and facing him, its light supplying the only light in the cellar.
A shadow enters the light growing larger till everything is black.
Joe can be heard muttering a prayer. He stops. He screams but is cut short with a blood curdling cry. The shadow leaves. On the camera Joe’s lifeless body can be seen on the floor.