So changed up the page halfway through. Originally the bottom was going to be Damien and Rose fucking and her 2 brothers were spying on them. Still will do that on the next page but changed where I was going with it by adding in a younger sister as well. Her name is Kali, there was too much text so kinda lost the part where her name is established as well as the part where Rose assumes she’s gay. I am not 100% on which of 2 ideas I will follow with her but she may replace her sister’s original version. Years ago, back when the comic was much more wholesome, Zoe was going to get some competition for Damien’s affections from school by Rose. Rose was going to take on the persona of a Van Helsing character because she was theatric and wanted to “defeat” Zoe. Might do that a bit with Kali but have another idea I can’t really go into without spoiling some things I’ve had planned for over a year.