This page is pretty different than originally planned. I originally thought I’d have the 2 brothers hiding in a closet watching their sister getting pounded by Damien and Her face was going to get a little too close to the closet door and she was going to get a face full of semen, then she would freak out on her brothers. I picture this isn’t the first time they tried something like this, when Rose was first introduced I envisioned her brothers being a bit voyueristic on her and that is why she didn’t feel comfortable with them seeing her play (in which her boobs were mostly exposed). I hadn’t planned on a sister at that time, and I didn’t plan for one when I started last weeks page. She is still a new piece of the puzzle that I need to work out how she will fit in. Still haven’t decided on her role down the line, leaning towards her being a Junior that will be pursuing Damien, with Zoe kinda taking her on as sort of a little sister. That way she is in danger from the creepy guy but old enough that down the line I could still have her be romantically involved with Damien, or possibly even with Zoe.

In other news I’ve made some progress on the one shot that I am working on. I have the first page lined and should have the second lined tomorrow. Think there will be 4, maybe 5 pages total. Hoping to have the lining of it all this weekend for Patreon. Tomorrow I will post what I have on Patreon as a teaser.

It is called Planting Seeds. It will involve Tentacle porn and pregnancy. The story is that Daisy is finally old enough to go into the greenhouse with her mother, there she learns that her absent dad has been around the whole time… as a plant creature.