Sorry for the delay, but I got to say you all need to calm down a bit. This is a hobby for me, but coming and seeing all your comments fighting with each other really takes any enjoyment out of doing this and zaps my motivation to work on it. I am still working towards handling the angry comments that get tossed my way (think I am getting better at that), but for the first time I am forced to watch you all turn on each other. So everyone just try getting along, I appreciate those who think they were standing up for me, but I can handle it and would rather you all just get along and come and enjoy my comic.

I know this arc is divisive and I tried to warn people before hand that it would get a little darker, but the good news is there is a light at the end of the tunnel, this page is the turning point and now that she has her phone and has some distance between herself and the creepy guy she can get away and hopefully be a little more cautious going forward and less impetuous.

So saw the new Avengers earlier today and man that was good. Still not as good as Civil War or my favorite MCU movie Winter Soldier but still easily top 5. I laughed till I cried at one scene ( invisible Drax) and one scene genuinely moved me to tears (spidey with Iron Man). Overall it was well paced considering the massive cast of characters that all needed their own time to shine and didn’t really feel as long as its massive run time (2h40m). Curious how they are handling Ant man 2 because based on the trailers it seems really out of place if that is supposed to take place after Infinity war… I am now really psyched about where MCU is heading and definitely recommend seeing Avengers in Theaters.