So Abi isn’t happy. On this page we see the first instance of Zoe getting the moniker of Zoe The Vampire, this is intended to show that it is like a character that Zoe plays. That it has become something destructive like you hear with Method actors walking on broken glass and living on the streets to better encapsulate their character. This page is meant to spell out that Zoe’s actions have consequences and are hurting those around her.

So I try to write organically and don’t really set things in stone ahead of time as I like to let a story manifest naturally… I can’t guarantee that the story will lead to Zoe having sex with Tommy or Caleb, unlike planned after the poll. I will at least try to work in the kissing her mom as I already sketched that page out 2 or 3 weeks ago and really like it… but based on this page and what I have mocked up for the next page I feel it will feel a bit contrived to follow the story I laid out after the poll. I also feel like this arc needs to be the turning point. We have seen Zoe getting pretty low, and destructive. We have seen a number of casualties to this and I feel like it would lessen the change in character if it only came about after she herself was a casualty (IE the stuff outlined with Caleb).

Again I like to not have things set in stone so this could not be the case but based on these pages it seems forced to have Zoe go that path just for the fanservice and not is pursuit of a better narrative. If it goes a different way I will draw up some non canon stuff to appease those that want to see those scenes play out.