As said I am not certain they will go through with the sex so be prepared to be let down if you are holding hope out for it happening. I know in the past I got a lot of flack for the 3way in the Gameshop not happening and want people aware that the story seems to be going a different direction than the obvious.

With that said, sorry for my lack of punctuality with posting pages and the vip stuff, I’ve been a little out of it lately. There are times where I want to just sit and draw and then there are times where drawing feels like work and it is hard to sit there a full day drawing for hours straight, and these past 3 or 4 weeks have all felt like that. I am going to try to get things back on track and will try to have next weeks page done by the end of Saturday and then next week hopefully have it a full week buffer like I used to have. I am also working on a oneshot that should be ready by months end and will likely do a one page thing this weekend for the Patrons as well.