This was a difficult page to get right. I knew what I needed it to say (that Zoe has come to regret her actions since pushing Damien away) but struggled to find the most effective way. I decided to keep it simple and hope that it reads.

Also I am working on a new patreon comic, and I’m sorry I didn’t post anything last month. I did in fact get a page drawn but wasn’t happy with it so didn’t post it, after the story I am working on for this month I will rework that and post it as well.

This months One shot came to me in a flash of inspiration. What if an American family got brought to Japan for a gameshow (like in the Simpsons) but this gameshow was one of those incest sex gameshows where the dad tries to pick his daughter out of a lineup based solely on her naked body. Currently have the first 2 pages done and 2 more sketched (think it will end up being 5 total).

I’m hoping to have it done and posted next weekend to Patreon.