Bonus page this week. This one gave me a lot of trouble. It is a tricky story to show. I chose a montage because that will help get it across without mountains of exposition (some of which has already been told in comic) I wanted to show the whole development of Abi’s relationship with Tommy and Allen (Zoe’s Dad) in a single page and most importantly show 2 things. Tommy being hurt by Abi getting impregnated by his own brother, and Abi falling back into his arms as a grieving widow. Also of note Zoe is left alone to grieve which will be further explored in some future arcs but basically Zoe had a tough childhood and some of her dysfunctional actions can be attributed to that upbringing.

I will still be doing a new page this week, though it might not be ready till Friday as I haven’t even started it yet. I just felt that this page isn’t something you guys come here for and didn’t want it to be a let down to you guys, but also felt it was important to start setting up some context for these relationships.