So this was a very hard page to do. I had an idea of contrasting them naked together now with them younger to show the issues with them together. I kept going back and forth on how to approach the page but felt my earliest version, which showed them both naked at various young ages in innocent/non sexual situations, was still too far. I eventually tossed the page out completely and went back to the drawing board and came up with this, it still uses a young Zoe to hopefully get across the core issue with Zoe and Abi having sex together, the fact that Abi gave birth to Zoe and raised her.

It is a dynamic I am going to be exploring a lot more and may try again to use young versions to contrast with them now to get things across. This arc is very much about family and Zoe going beyond taboo with them and shattering decency. I want to further explore this as well as Abi’s jealousy over sharing Tommy in the coming pages and arcs so feel free to chime in, in the comments section to give your thoughts on this.

As for the original version of this page, I won’t be showing it here as I think it went beyond what I am comfortable with in some of the sketches and panels, nothing sexual in nature but showed a great deal including Abi giving birth to Zoe in a bathtub. I will post what I got done of the page on the VIP section and apologize for not giving much in the way of early looks at the page while I figured things out.

The rest of this arc may contain more stuff like this so there may be delays while I find a comfortable middle ground because I don’t want this to come across like some lolicon stuff as that is not something I want associated with Zoe the Vampire, and have had to defend the comic in the past just because of shaved vaginas and small breasted characters so it is something that I am sensitive about. I feel that it is a useful writing tool to contrast what is happening now with their pasts as well as can use it as a chance to broach things that normally wouldn’t such as the fact that Zoe clearly has a history with being a exhibitionist/nudist and it didn’t start out of the blue.