So been spending the past 2 weeks trying to figure this arc out, and it just wasn’t working. Originally I was going to have them get back together this arc but that felt way too unrealistic and forced. So I am greatly changing the trajectory on where I was taking things in the short term. Unfortunately that means tossing out my plans to have Zoe and Abi get pregnant from this night. So preggo Zoe is going to have to wait. I also will probably have to greatly change what I had planned with the creep because I am going to do a time jump of about 3 months after this page.

When the next arc starts Zoe and Damien will have already gotten into the full swing of the school year and things still won’t fully be mended but it will give a more reasonable time table for them to work through some of their problems and have things start mending a little more naturally than if I was going to force them back together right away.

Lastly the page of Abi getting anal that I posted last week won’t work within the arc, when I drew it I was still trying to figure out how to get them back together and was trying to use that page to show that Abi can satisfy Tommy without Zoe’s help. That She would have to lose any plans of sleeping with either her mom or her uncle. You can still consider it canon that Abi has opened up to the idea of anal being a part of their sex lives together but the page will get removed to keep out clutter soon. I will post it in the bottom posts so it will still be here but might get a bit buried as new posts are made.

I think the next few weeks at least will be without any sex as Zoe has embraced abstinence in these 3 months to win Damien back. I will try to find ways to make it sexy, maybe jump back and forth from Zoe to Abi so there can be some sex in the next arc. I have a few ideas where I want to go with this arc but am still piecing it together. Want to reintroduce Audrey in it to0, and use her as a soundboard for Zoe to vent about her sexual frustrations.

On the bully side of things. I have a ton of sketches totally over 25 pages now. Still piecing that together and it is turning into full on porn as I develop the story further. I don’t mean to paint all men as trying to take advantage of girls but it seems hard to help with the whole “GIRLS UNITE, NO MEN ALLOWED” sort of story it is building to. I want to try to tone that messaging down a bit as I continue to explore it so it doesn’t just come off like the world of men are a bunch of rapists trying to fuck Jordan. working on like 4 different arcs right now with it and still exploring the character designs but am liking it. Zoe already has a structure and a path and characters I have pretty established in my head, with Bully I get the fun of building these characters and their motivations still. I didn’t lay much foundation the first time through with the comic so am trying to figure out who Jordan is and why she is a bully.

Here is one of the sketched pages. Basically it is a teacher trying to convince her to sleep with him to improve her grades after she gets an F on an assignment. He says like her papers her breasts are an F (cup), she kicks him and responds that they are actually H cups (which I don’t know, never been good at telling cup sizes and with my proportions being the way they are if I want to show a character to have huge breasts they have to be extra massive to not look undersized compared to their large heads. Been having a lot of fun drawing Jordan’s breasts though.