So am posting early to try out something. If 25 different people comment on this page I will post the next page this week as well. I have next weeks page already done as well as expecting to have page 3 done either tonight or tomorrow, so have a bit of a buffer. So if you want double the fun this week be sure to comment.

Comments make me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a bit more tangible than numbers on a graph to show that people actually come and enjoy the comic that I work hours of my free time on. I have about 10 or so readers that comment fairly regularly but based on my analytics I have at least 900 people that read my comic. That is a lot of silent viewers, and I am hoping the promise of an extra page this week will get a few more of you to join the conversation.

Here are some things I would love to hear for anyone that doesn’t know what to say.

  1. How did you discover my comic (especially anyone who has discovered it in the past 2-4 months as I haven’t promoted it anywhere and don’t know how a single new person manages to find my comic without advertising).
  2. what arcs are your favorite/ least favorite that you’d like expanded or changed in the reboot
  3. what do you want to see before this comic gets rebooted

So be sure to comment and help get a second page posted this week. The next page is done and ready to go. Just waiting on YOU. Uncle Sam wants YOU… to comment on a dirty comic. Even if you aren’t American, especially if you aren’t (my analytics says I have visitors coming from as far as Norway and Hong Kong!).

I want 2019 to be a great year and plan to really work hard on this comic. I want to tie up the story in a satisfying way before the reboot, and I want the reboot to be amazing. The more feedback I get the better both can become. Hope to hear from a bunch of you, and have a wonderful 2019!


Currently 21 of you have commented. Awesome, and thanks to those of you that have… But we are still short of the 25. Soon as 4 more of you comment I will be posting page 2 of the arc.