So for those that didn’t see the post the other day I will re explain here. I am going to be starting up a rebooted version of Zoe that will be available to Patrons soon (shooting for tomorrow before I start back up at work Saturday…)

It will take the story back to the beginning, will be full color, and will hopefully be easier to follow. I had hoped to be able to reboot with Dreams, but I don’t think that is going to be an option, so I am doing it the old fashioned way.

In the reboot there are a few changes including Zoe being more petite and having a bit of a stutter. One other change I am considering is the school councilor that she fucks will not be a school councilor, but instead her therapist. Having him there early in the story will allow me to have an easy way to include backstory and motivation for Zoe (though I probably will wait for him and ¬†Zoe to have sex till the same point in the story, though Zoe being Zoe I’m sure she will tempt him from time to time for fun).

Here is the look I showed the other day.

I’ve since toned down the blush especially in the breasts, it was a bit much. I am done with the first page and almost done lining page 2. If I can finish it tomorrow and set up the Patreon I will and will add something here to let people know about it. Basically I plan to post a normal page here each week (Patrons will see them early if I get them done early), and also a rebooted page which will stay exclusive to Patrons until I finish up this arc and the mini arc I am going to end this story on (probably about 3 months from now because don’t want to rush the sex scenes as Abi and Damien/ Zoe and Tommy got to enjoy some vaginal sex next… then swap and do it all over again).

So if you want more Zoe and have a few dollars to spare (probably going to set it at 5$ which will include the old VIP section which I will start updating again as well as the one shots and any I do in the future (still working on 1 that should go there at some point). If that’s not something you are interested in, never fear once this Zoe is finished I will start posting the reboot here.