Anal is finished, but there is still much more sex to cum.

So as many may of heard I now have a Patreon again. I am starting it back up with a rebooted version of Zoe and should have page 3 up before the end of tomorrow (just finished the lines, now on to text and once everything fits I will go and color it).

I am hoping that this patreon can do well (and appreciate all the support so far, you guys are great :D). I am not expecting it to shoot up to hundreds and thousands overnight but am hoping it can get up to an amount I can live off of at some future point. To incentivise this I’ve made some threshold rewards. if I get to 250 a month I will do a colored pinup/wallpaper image for everyone on the site, if it gets to 750 a month I will do one extra page a month on the site (one week I’ll post 2 pages), If I get to 1300 (the minimum that I think I could survive, if frugally off of) I will devote the time to do 2 pages every week for that month. Basically if I ever get to the point where I can make a living off this site twice the Zoe will be available.

Last thing. I did up a mock up of what Abi would look like in the reboot to see what you guys think. I am making her a bit on the fat side, and throughout the story she will be working out to bring her weight down (though probably will be a bit chubbier than in the current comic all the way till the end). Have a few arcs thought up early on focused on her trying to lose some weight and feeling insecure around Tommy.

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