Now it’s a party.

I will be posting 2 pages again next week. Not sure if I can keep it going at that pace, I lost most of today going off on a tangent to see about adding some flashback fleshing out Abi and Tommy losing their virginity and explaining the cake her family made for her and that she was going to send Tommy to get a cake for Zoe’s anal virginity being lost… did a few sketches but couldn’t work it in naturally without it just confusing things so just going to have a little plot hole as to why Abi joins them without Tommy at first. Got page 6 about 80% and have some sketches for page 7 but still trying to make that page work. If I can make good use of tomorrow and next week I might be able to continue doing 2 pages but no promises. At the very least next week you can expect page 4 and 5 to post.