So I started a Twitter, be sure to follow me for a bunch of sexy and funny drawings. I have been at it non stop this past week (probably put at least 50 hours into it). There’s even an exclusive Audrey page there. Next week is just gunna be 1 page as I didn’t get anywhere near 100 followers, but that is probably for the best because I haven’t gotten anything done on page 7 in the past week… Gunna try to get it done tomorrow after finishing a Twitter drawing that I think will be one of my funniest comic pages to date. So be sure to check it out.


HUGE NEWS Dreams comes April 16th. Gunna try to get it off and put in for a vacation as soon to that date as possible so I can get to work on it. Just over 2 weeks. I will be waiting till the arc is done to move to 3D but might use it to help with some more complex drawings as reference. But while I get the hang of it I will be putting some things on twitter, and hopefully be able to make a short animation soon after and will make a youtube channel devoted to that. I have a bunch of ideas for little 30sec-1min animations that I think will be pretty funny as well as ideas I’ve wanted to make for years that are more serious and like Pixar shorts. So stay tuned in the coming weeks (I better get in it this time)