I don’t know why this page was so hard to get done. Took 3+ weeks to do it. Mixture of writers block with it and just lack of motivation. Finally finished it up earlier today. Good news is soon as I finished it a weight was lifted and I’m nearly done with next weeks page already as well as have a couple fun sketches for the page after that.

While I went through a few weeks of Zoe being a chore I found freedom in doing whatever popped in my head and posting it to my twitter. Currently there is over 20 drawings up there (a few are old ones I found sitting on my computer that I forgot I ever even did) so if you haven’t checked it out yet, go check out my twitter. It is just a place for me to post stuff to. I don’t do that whole “social media” stuff so no worries of long diatribes about my political views or pics of my cat doing cat stuff, just porn and things I find funny (the way it should be).