Zoe 14-4

YAY! Thank you all for supporting my Kickstarter. 1 week in and it has already met its goal 🙂 If you still want to get in on it you can get to it HERE. I will be adding a stretch goal of 600$ which will fully cover the cost of the computer (at 400 it covers what I had to borrow but I still put 200 in of my own money). If the 600$ goal is met, I will be doing full color on all the 5$ non canon comics (So the 15$ tier will be even a greater value! with 6 full color comic pages.) For the site, if 600$ is met I am still deciding what goody I should make. Currently I am considering doing a 4th non canon story that would be viewable to EVERYONE regardless if they donated or not, but not sure of the content yet.

Also due to a work scheduling mix up I have an extra day off work this week. So Friday I will be focusing my attention on starting the comics, Planning on completely drawing the DP 2 pager. If you would like to join me on Skype I will be there off and on all night drawing it live. Would love to have some company while I marathon those pages. You can find me under the name Yellowgerbil on Skype, I’ll be getting on around 8pm EST time and will be on till 7am Sat morning. I will get off from time to time for bathroom breaks and eating and whatnot but for the most part will be drawing non stop to get some headway done on the rewards. You can come and see whether you’ve donated or not, if you’re on the fence about donating maybe seeing it will convince you :).