This page was originally going to be a lot more horrific. I sketched up a few different things, like a full grown Zombie tearing out of Zoe’s pussy. In the end I felt tonally it needed to be a little less grotesque and decided to go with an eye looking out as more surreal horror, instead of gore porn or body horror.

It was fun getting a chance to draw preggo Zoe for a change, even though Zoe wasn’t happy to have that image in her head.

I hope to get across what I failed at last time, Caleb helping Zoe accept things. In the last version pretty much it was glossed over beyond Caleb drawing a fetus on Zoe as a reminder that it’s bound to happen, you can either worry yourself to death or you can accept and move on. Though that won’t be really handled for like 4-6 arcs from now at least.

One more page on this arc after this. I am currently working on the next arc (coloring page 2) and hoping to get a few pages done this week. Took a break from the animation for a few days, but if you haven’t already check out my twitter to see how it is looking.