A new record. As I am writing this, the site has gotten almost 1,400 visitors! Awesome, thanks to both the new and returning people.

So I am gunna try something to entice Ko-fi donations. I am working on a special incest oneshot. The first page will go up Wednesday on the homepage, and there are a total of 3 pages… so far. For every 50$ donated I will add another page to the oneshot and keep it going weekly for all to enjoy till the story ends (eventually even if I keep getting donations the story will have to end, but if people keep giving I could see it being a 15-20pg oneshot). I will post a new page every Wednesday (I can’t make them spontaneously appear, so no matter how fast the money is raised 1 a week is all I can produce)… But WAIT THAT’S NOT ALL. Act now to get daily sketches of the oneshot. Every day that at least 1 3$ donation is received I will post a sketch of Harper and her brother Devin having sex. I’ve been sketching like crazy and have almost 40 sketches (not all good) of the two of them having sex together. I want to make this oneshot a step above anything I’ve done before and hopefully use it to expand the sites readership. Putting a lot of emphasis on the backgrounds and details to get it looking a bit more professional.

So to reiterate:

Kofi donations will go towards earning everyone, regardless if they themselves donate, a big expanding oneshot set in the same world as Zoe (so maybe there could be a crossover in the future if you guys like these characters)

Every 50$ unlocks another page, one each Wednesday.

Every day a 3$ donation is given I will post a sketch of them fucking or having oral

This also builds towards the 1000$ site reward of the Zoe self oral oneshot.

Donating 3$ also get’s you the drawing of Zoe eating herself out as a motivational poster.

Everyone benefits from your generosity, nothing is behind a paywall, it will be on the site for everyone to enjoy, and I’m sure people will be thankful for your charity (parody commercial of some guy walking around a ruined African town, “For just 3$ a day you can help these people fap).

I am coming up on a year since I quit my job, I can probably survive till around October on what I have saved (been living very frugally), 50$ a week isn’t enough to live off of, but it is enough to cover a lot of my monthly bills (phone, internet, car insurance), and that would be a huge weight lifted as you can imagine. I still hope to build this site and find a way to survive off my art, but if this is a success it will at least ease the financial burden. If you don’t have money to give, please don’t feel obligated, I know many out there are out of work by the choice of others, and make sure to take care of yourselves first…. BUT if you do got a few bucks to spare, why not buy the world some hardcore brother sister incest? Am I right 😀

Here is a sketch to show what I am working on. Remember to check out the homepage tomorrow for the first finished page. Currently calling it Panty Protection, but am not 100% with that name.