Things are heating up 😀

I would like to welcome the many of you from TWC and the incest subreddit. The past few days have all had almost double my normal views (averaging 1000 a day compared to the 500-600 I normally get). Incest is coming. In the past version of the comic Zoe eventually has sex with both her mom and with her uncle Tommy, I’m sure she will with both again.

There is also more incest comics to see here. On my homepage I have a number of finished one shot comics, most with incest. I am currently working on a new incest comic there and donations will extend the scope of the comic. It is still only 3 pages but 38 more dollars donated extends it to 4, and every 50 after that extends it another page. Donating 3$ on Ko-fi also gets the site a new sex sketch of the siblings from that one shot as well as a exclusive pic of Zoe licking her own vagina. All donations also increase the meter closer towards the full one shot of Zoe eating her own pussy out.

Also those of you that subscribe to my Sponsus, are you getting access to the pages? The stats claim no one has looked at the last page, but no one has messaged me with any issues… Not sure if it is just a bug not tallying visits (come across the occasional bug in the past). There is also a brand new page up there with a fully naked Jordan and Bailey for you guys to enjoy.