It is only 240$ away until the Zoe showing her flexibility by licking her own pussy. I am finishing it up tonight and it is 5 pages long. It is some of the best stuff I’ve ever drawn, and you all get to see it once some of those really awesome readers out there chip in to hit that 1000$ fundraising goal. 5$ gets you a month access to the VIP section, there I post a page in advance of what shows up here, and do an exclusive drawing each month, this months was a drawing of Zoe’s future family 19 years into the future.  25$ gets you access to both the VIP and VIPXXL sections, the VIPXXL section has all the commissions I’ve done (just finished number 6 and also have already posted the finished stuff of Zoe eating herself out there), you also get a speed drawing commission. For 50$ you get a full page commission and a month of VIP and VIPXXL. Every 25$ beyond 50 opens up an additional full color page drawing, tons of value. 😀

6 of those are finished, and plan to start working on the Loli Zoe one this weekend. Donate now to get your own commission in the queue.