The next page is proving to be difficult. So I won’t have it up in the VIP section till sometime tomorrow. Got it lined finally but wasted a day trying to get it to that point. Couldn’t find any references that helped me so there is only going to be a single closeup of the DP and the rest is all focused on them kissing. I tried for hours to find references but nothing fit. A lesbian strapon+fuck machine is a pretty specific thing and I tried and tried but couldn’t find anything to give me a starting off point, and I struggle with drawing when going from a complete blank canvas. Then struggled with the kissing because that too isn’t something I can really use references on (hard to explain here, but kissing is pretty much the single hardest thing for me to draw because of much larger heads, and much smaller shoulders than reality, a single person is easy to work around that, but 2 people interlocking…) Long story short, I had to find a creative way to get the next page done or else frustrate over it all weekend, I think it is coming out okay though, so no worries there.

Also I will be posting the Batty and Aluc oneshot tomorrow on the homepage, so be sure to come back this weekend and check that out.